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At Carbay we understand how difficult and frustrating it can be selling your car or even simply getting an accurate, trustworthy valuation. That's why here at Carbay, when we hung up our boots, and left the car market, our team of experts went on to compile detailed understandings of all of the other valuation and selling websites out there.

The whole process is relatively simple and, quite honestly, there'd be no other way to do it:

Carbay "Car Valuation" Reviews

1) Car valuations, is a topic that we know alot about, haviing done them ourselves for over 15years. Initially we scour the internet looking for the best of the best in terms of websites offering an online car valuation service.

2) Before we began, we looked for two very different types of cars, cars which had sold on ebay, for a very understanding price. We arrived to the conclusion of a: 2006 Kia Carens LX 16V CRDI 2.0l, (which was in great condition and had done 21000 Miles), and a, 2008 Mercedes-Benz C200 SE CDI 2.1l (which was also in great condition and had done 68000Miles). We tried to traget a variety of different variable possibilities through our choice.

  • We attempted to pick a more expensive car along with a more reasonably priced car.
  • We picked cars that where different ages.
  • We picked a car that had done relatively high miles along with a car that had done relatively low miles.

3) After finding the two perfect cars we noted their selling prices £4,995.00 and £11,250.00 respectively, and requested valuations off some of the leading valuation websites on the internet.

4) We then compared our valuations with the true selling prices and compiled some detailed reports, of our findings.


Carbay "Selling Your Car" Reviews

1) When it came round to the "selling you car" websites, this was a much bigger job. Initially we compiled our list of reputable candidates, and approached each one for an offer on the two cars we used in our valuation example.

2) After analysing the offers made we needed to look into the reputability  of the offers, the best way to do this was to spend countless hours looking for honest and genuine reviews that had been made for the respective website.

3) We then moved on to looking into other variables which would effect the overall experience of the customer. We looked into the most obvious, customer service, speed of sale, price,a nd then looked at elements like, the areas covered by these companies, the liklihood of the company to give you the promised price, where there is a collection service or not, and much much more

4) After gathering all of this infomation we tried to compile, ever improving, reports on each website and made them available to the public through our website www.carbay.co.uk


Help Us To Help You!

One thing we found when compiling our reviews, is that without input from members of the public, none of this would be possible. That's why we ask you, once you have had a memorable, be it good or bad, experience with a valuing or buing webiste, to please share your experience with us, and make the process alot easier for the next person.

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Why Carbay?

  • Over 15years Experience.
  • Up to date reviews from us and customers.