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The main idea behind autoebid, is a website that, in their own words "brings buyers together with sellers", for the purposes of this review, we're just looking at the free valuation side of autoebid. The do provide a free valuation but as this is intended to help you when using their selling service, the price given is a trade price.


  • Doesn't have a regestration box, and there are so many makes and models to select from.
  • You are asked for your mileage but looking at the valuations this isn't taken into consideration.
  • Have to give your email address, which as the website is more of a selling site than a valuation site this is understandable..
  • Not the most appealing website in the world, could be alot more user friendly.


 Our Expeience

 Mercedes-Benz C200 SE CDI 2.1l

 The car was sold as a classified ad on ebay for £11,250.00, the valuation gave by "autoebid" was £9755, probably a fair bid for a trade price but not a true valuation of the car, and probably not even the best trade price you would get.

Kia Carens LX 16V CRDI 2.0l

This car sold as a classified ad on ebay for £4995.00, the £2653 valuation by autoebid, seems like an okay trade price, but seen as they did take mileage into consideration when gathering this valuation it is probably unfairly low.


Carbay's Overall Verdict:

Usig autoebid for a valuation will definately not be one of the more exciting times of your life - you'll spend 20minutes attempting to find the model/variant of your car, if you havn't given up by then - but in giving you you're valuation, they do exactly as they claim to, which is give you a free valuation. The valuation isn't the greatest in the world, but as with the majority of valuation websites, we would only recommend the given price as a rough guide. Completely unrelated to the valuation, autoebid, is one of the only websites out there that does not, after asking for your email address, repeatedly send you emails for no apparent reason containing no usefull infomation whatsoever. Despite this website not being the best place to visit in terms oif valuations, there are many good things to be said about the service they offer in terms of buying and selling.



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