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Autotrader is probably, and will probably always be the biigest vehicle, buying and selling, portal, available. With almost 400,000 cars being advertised on the website, Autotrader have obviously got it all right when it comes to advertising cars. Probably already known - but Autotrader do not buy your car, you pay them a nominal fee and they advertise your car for you. 



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There are many bad things to say about Autotrader, but the fact of the matter is that they offer a great service. The service isn't unbelievably cheap but rather than getting a trade price for your car you will be selling it privately. The one key thing to note though is that, currently with nearly 400,000 cars being advertised online, if your car isn't 100% desirable or isn't redicoulously low priced than the chances of a quick sale arn't that great, and of course if a quick sale isn't acheived you could be paying to advertise your car on there for a long time. Arguably though, the number of visitors this website gets, offers you a better chance of a sale than probably any other methods. www.autotrader.co.uk



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