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DealerBid are a similar kind of website to cararena. They offer your car to a network of dealers, for a price, and the dealers, if interested, will make you an offer. Seems like a relatively good idea, but it makes you wonder, with companies like, webuyanycar, and, wewillbuyyourcar out there, is it really worth the wait.



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I received 3 e-mails and my father received a phone call, but none of the dealers were prepared to offer a specific price for the car. Instead they asked how much we wanted for it. Despite the website saying "No Obligation offers from polite professionals". Heather


Carbay's Overall Verdict:

On first views DealerBid portrays the image of a rather large proffesional outfit, who in effect are charging you for the service of approaching their network of dealers with your car, and gathering bids for you to consider. Strangely though there are many very good reports on this service but also many very bad reports. After paying your fee, from our experience the chance of a sale is quite small, enquiries are made to you, and after a little bit of digging, it seems that the enquiries are made by names registered to DealerBid themselves? We'll let you wonder what that's all about. www.dealerbid.co.uk



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