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Everybody is aware of ebay. But not as many people know about the hidden potential of selling your car through ebay motors. Unlike the traditional autotrader advert ebay is becoming more and more popular with buying and selling cars, and they offer you so much more freedom.



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If you have the time ebay are definately a company that we would recomend when selling your car. There is so much freedom when selecting your ebay advert, there are charges of course but there seems to be a greater chance of a succesfull sale than with autotrader. The options open to you are vast with ebay, you can sell in an auction style, meaning if you have a desirable car you may get more than it is worth, you can set reserves to ensure that that final selling price isn't less than you were hoping and you can even advertise as a classified advert. The two downfalls to using ebay are, 1; it can be time consuming and 2; be prepared for timewasters. If you are not in need of the money right away though eBay should definately be your first port of call. www.ebay.co.uk



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