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Loans 2 Go is a UK based loan company operating from a branch network. They provide short term cash flow solutions and will usually lend between £250 and £5,000 in cash. Logbookloans2go are based in the north of England but can operate nationwide, a very handy service if you know you WILL make your repayments.


Logbook Loans: What Is A Logbook Loan

Put simply, a Logbook Loan is a loan secured on car (or other type of vehicle) where the lender holds onto the car’s V5 registration document until the loan is paid back in full. The name “logbook loan” refers to the fact that this document is usually called your car logbook. Why do they keep hold of the logbook until the loan in repaid? A loan secured on car means essentially that the borrower is using their car as collateral. If they fail to pay the money owed then the lender can legally seize and sell the car. The borrower agrees to these terms and conditions when signing the loan agreement. The car is kept and driven by the borrower completely as normal for the duration of the loan – it is NOT like a pawnbroker where they keep the item until you pay them back. The car is simply the fall back plan for the lender in the event that a borrower defaults on their loan. This is why the maximum loan amount you can get is tied to the value of your car.


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Logbookloans2go are v5loan company based in Manchester, but who offer their service nationwide. The company itself is a very customer focused business who try to match individuals needs in specific circumstances. Definitely one of the better log book loan companies out there, you can apply completely online and receive a guide price off their website, in literally minutes. If you like the price you can arrange payments and have the cash in your account in no time. One thing to be wary of, obviously, is, that a logbook loan is in now way a long term financial solution, you must be able to guarantee to yourself that you can make every payment on time, or this option could cost you alot of money. For those who just need short term relief or do know they can afford all of the repayments, this is an excellent service.  www.logbookloans2go.co.uk



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