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Motoring.co.uk is a relatively good website whose sole purpose isn't delivering car valuations. The website itself is a portal to buy and sell cars, read car reviews and chat in the motoring.co.uk forums. The free valuation service is simply a bonus to its visitors, so we wouldn't expect this to be the greatest site to use for a valuation


  • Fairly easy to use website, just enter your regestration and mileage.
  • For some reason, you have to enter your name, address, email address, contact number etc.
  • Only two valuations a month can be performed for free.


 Our Expeience

 Mercedes-Benz C200 SE CDI 2.1l

 The car was sold as a classified ad on ebay for £11,250.00, the valuation "motoring.co.uk" gave was £12,260, which is slightly high.

Kia Carens LX 16V CRDI 2.0l

This car sold as a classified ad on ebay for £4995.00, the £3180 valuation off motoring.co.uk seemed unrealistically low. The car has done very low mileage and despite them asking for the mileage, we don't see that this was taken into account.


Carbay's Overall Verdict:

Generally a good website, the car valuation side of it though we wouldn't really recommend. Firstly we do like the fact that it is just a regestration box and mileage box that needs filling in, making it seem quick and easy to gather a valuation; strangely though we do not understand why they need your name, contact number, address etc, to give this automatic valuation; in our opinion giving your details, when there doesn't seem to be any logical reason why, is always a bit strange. Another big downfall is the fact that you can only get 2 valuations per month, despite the fact that this may be sufficient, the majority of websites out there do not set limits on their valuations. Again we'll reinforce that the website is a good website, but specifically for a valuation, there is nothing special about motoring.co.uk, especially when the valuations given don't seem to be as accurate as the majority of other websites out there.



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