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Parkers, obviously one of the bigger valuation companies out there, and this is merrited by their ability to accurately value your car.  If an almost exact valuation is required then parkers would be the place to go, but of course, with quality comes a price tag, and parkers are not one to give it all away for free


  • The car has to be found manually using drop down menus, not the end of the world, but for some cars this can be quite confusing.
  • Parkers only give a price for an average mileage and average condition, but for a small fee, they will give you one for your exact car.
  • No personal details are asked for, just enter the car details and receive an instant valuation.
  • Gives 6 different valuations which can be quite interesting.
  • Loads of infomation throughout the site, you could probably find out almost anything regarding any car on here.


 Our Expeience

 Mercedes-Benz C200 SE CDI 2.1l

 The car was sold as a classified ad on ebay for £11,250.00, the valuation gave by "parkers" was £15065. Massively overpriced, but they do say this is for avearge mileage and this car had done double that. Their is an option to pay £3.50 though and you will receive a more taylored valuation.

Kia Carens LX 16V CRDI 2.0l

This car sold as a classified ad on ebay for £4995.00, the £3475 valuation by "Parkers" was way out as with the Mercedes, but again this was because it applied to an average mileage and our car had done alot less than average.


Carbay's Overall Verdict:

It's an interesting approach that Parkers adopt with their valuations, one of the only companies out there that ask you to pay to get an accurate valuation, but we suppose they are one of the most reputable price guides out there so people must be willing to pay. Definately one of the better websites out there and we can guarantee there will be something of interest on there for everybody, this does cause the problem of you becoming lost on the site and having to continually use the back button. Even if you do not wish to pay for an exact valuation this site would still be recommended as a guide when valuing your car; they do tell you what the average mileage is for your car so you should be able to guesstimate whether your car is valued higher, lower or roughly the same.



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