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Sellthecar are a nationwide car buying business operating over the internet, they are definately  a reputable and trustworthy company, who do exactly as they claim, but in our opinion sellthecar at the moment are not offering anything different than the majority of other car buying companies out there. It is well worth noting aswell that sellthecar do not buy cars over 10years old. 



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Currently a smaller less established version of webuyanycar - they buy your car and aim to sell it for a profit. The first thing we would note is that, as with many less well known companies, people are unsure whether the whole thing is genuine. SellTheCar is genuine, just not on as large of a scale as webuyanycar. There are many positives to note, firstly, they come and collect your car from you rather than you going to them, secondly what they offer you they pay you, unsless there are very good reasons not to, there's rarely negotiating when you have agreed a price. We'd personally advise giving them a try, and just seeing the price they come back with, it will be on the fairer side of a trade price, but they are not going to be interested in every car offered to them, so be prepared to have look elsewhere. Unlike some of the bigger companies sellthecar do not hand out automated offers for your cars they manually look through the details of your car and present you with a price that way - meaning you'll have to wait for your price, but the cahnces of you getting the quoted price on collection are far greater than some businesses out there. www.sellthecar.com



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