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When using webuyanycar for an online valuation it should be noted that, the prices given by them are trade prices rather than true valuations. The price they give is the price they claim they will pay you for your car, so if your looking for a valuation to sell your car privetely then this website isn't for you.


  • Very quick form to fill in.
  • Mileage, condition and extras are all taken into consideration so, probably one of the better websites, if you have an almost showroom condition car.
  • The website can be used to gain a valuation on your car, but as webuyanycar, actually buy your cars, their numbers are clsoer to trade values than real values.
  • Very easy to navigate website, couldn't be made any simpler.


 Our Expeience


 Mercedes-Benz C200 SE CDI 2.1l

 The car was sold as a classified ad on ebay for £11,250.00, a hefty £2744.99 above the trade valuation we received off webuyanycar. Granted they don't value cars they offer to buy them, but that is a big difference.

Kia Carens LX 16V CRDI 2.0l

This car sold as a classified ad on ebay for £4995.00, the £2,460.01 valuation from webuyanycar, is probbably still slightly harsh for a trade valuation. Webuyanycar should only be used for valuations, if it is a trade valuation rather than a true valuation you are looking for. The valuations are still on the low side though, even if it is a trade price you're looking for.



Carbay's Overall Verdict:

In terms of valuations only, webuyanycar is not the best site out there. It has to be said that webuyanycar don't actually say they will give you a valuation for your car; they only give you a price which they are willing to pay for your vehicle, so if it is a valuation you are looking for then you should probably look elsewhere. The ease of the whole process does make this site very attractive if you are looking for a quick valuation though but after being given your price, the best bet would be to probably add £2000-£2500 on top of that to get your true valuation. 


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