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Whats my car worth seems to be quite a popular site for car valuations, so we wouldn't dismiss using them. Not much use if you aren't looking for a valuation as there isn't much else on there, but ideal if you are. Slightly wayward with a lot of prices, but no valuation system is perfect, and as it takes literally seconds to gain a valuation then there's no harm in giving it a try. W would always gain a second valuation from elsewhere though just to be on the safe side.


  • Quick and easy to gain your valuation, WHEN the regestration box works.
  • The mileage and condition are not taken into consideration when your valuation is being gathered, so unless your car is average condition with average miles for its age, the valuation will be slightly off.
  • No personal details are asked for, which is always a bonus, all you give is your car details.


 Our Expeience

 Mercedes-Benz C200 SE CDI 2.1l

 The car was sold as a classified ad on ebay for £11,250.00, the valuation "whatsmycarworth" gave was £13765 - £14575, which is probably on the generous side. The automatic regestration box also failed to work on this car so we had to go throughn the tedious job of finding the exact model etc. in the drop down menus.

Kia Carens LX 16V CRDI 2.0l

This car sold as a classified ad on ebay for £4995.00, the £2820 - £3180 realistically is quite harsh, our car had done low mileage though and "whatsmycarworth" don't take this into account so that may be the answer.


Carbay's Overall Verdict:

Nice, easy to use, attractive website. The regestration box could be improved salightly as it rejects alot of regestrations meaning you have to fill in their manual selection form which can be confusing with many cars. Valuations don't seem to be massively accurate so should never be used for more than a guide price - mileage and consition are not taken into condition so in effect the price you get could be higher or lower than the true value which isn't very helpfull as you don't know which way to aim. In general though - whatsmycarworth is offering a free service, not collecting any personal details, and offering all this in a quick and easy way so, their can't really be any complaints.



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