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Service History Check

Service History Check UK

Cheking the service history is definately one of the more difficult things to confirm on the list of checks, Without a service book or any receipts, the car may as well have no service history. You will struggle to back anything up and will struggle when you come around to selling it. Luckily if you do have the service book, then that's where we'll begin with a Service History Check. There are generally only two different types of services, main dealer servicing and not main dealer servicing. If the book tells you that the car was serviced at a main dealer, then this is good news. A car is always more desirable with main dealer service history and this type of servicing can be confirmed with a simple phone call to the dealer.

If by chance the servicing wasn't done by a main dealer, but the servicing dealer is VAT registered, then similarly there shouldn't be any problems. A quick phone call to the servicing garage should reveal the truth. A Service History Check is probably one of the more important things to check when purchasing a car, so it's always worth the extra time spent being cautious.

If on the other hand the car has always been serviced at "Bobs Backstreet Mechanics", all services are signed with the same colour pen, and there are no VAT regsitered invoices, then you should probably stay clear. Over time the stamps / signitures in the service book fade, so if you see a stamp from 6years ago and it looks the same as the stamp from yesterday, then you should be slightly warey.


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