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In our opinion, if you are looking for a truly accurate valutaion of your car, some time and effort will be needed. Valuing a car sounds simple, but you will need a little common sense and a point in the right direction, and you could be finding yourself with an accurate valuation in no time ...more





WhatCar? Self proclaimed "Britains biggest and best car buyers guide". Very interesting website, loads of content, reviews, advice etc. We was surprisingly impressed with the valuations given by whatcar? Consistantly they seemed to almost exactly match selling prices of the cars. When a valuation is completed they also give infomation on the car, which makes for an interesting read ...more




Parkers, obviously one of the bigger valuation companies out there, and this is merrited by their ability to accurately value your car. If an almost exact valuation is required then parkers would be the place to go, but of course, with quality comes a price tag, and parkers are not one to give it all away for free ...more





Whats my car worth seems to be quite a popular site for car valuations, so we wouldn't dismiss using them. Not much use if you aren't looking for a valuation as there isn't much else on there, but ideal if you are. Slightly wayward with a lot of prices, but no valuation system is perfect, and as it takes literally seconds to gain a valuation then there's no harm in giving it a try. We would always gain a second valuation from elsewhere though just to be on the safe side ...more




When using webuyanycar for an online valuation it should be noted that, the prices given by them are trade prices rather than true valuations. The price they give is the price they claim they will pay you for your car, so if your looking for a valuation to sell your car privetely then this website isn't for you  ...more




FreeCarValuations, not the most exciting website in the world, but it has to be give the quickest, most hassle free valuation that we have seen. The downfall is that it is a trade valuation, which, unless you're aware of this you could be misled into wrongly pricing your car, but as with all valuation websites we'd advise never just looking at one. Their is also an option to pay between £5-£15 and receive more infomation  ...more




Motoring.co.uk is a relatively good website whose sole purpose isn't delivering car valuations. The website itself is a portal to buy and sell cars, read car reviews and chat in the motoring.co.uk forums. The free valuation service is simply a bonus to its visitors, so we wouldn't expect this to be the greatest site to use for a valuation  ...more





The main idea behind autoebid, is a website that, in their own words "brings buyers together with sellers", for the purposes of this review, we're just looking at the free valuation side of autoebid. The do provide a free valuation but as this is intended to help you when using their selling service, the price given is a trade price  ...more